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Petersburg students head back to year-round school


Students in Petersburg will be kicking off a school year like never before Monday- class year-round. The intensified schedule at A.P. Hill Elementary and Peabody Middle Schools is aimed at boosting student performance. A majority of moms and dads support year-round-schools, according to one city survey. However, the realization of a summer cut short has set in.

"I don't want my summer to be over but I have to go to school to get my education," said one A.P. Hill third-grader.

A.P. Hill Elementary and Peabody Middle School students will spend 200 days in class this year, instead of 180. Students will get shorter breaks throughout the year. They'll also be learning for 20 extra minutes, each day.

A.P. Hill Elementary mom Rhonda Harris isn't fully convinced that slashing summer vacation was the right move for every student.

"I'm really mixed about it. For some, I'd sure it would help. But, I have honor roll children," said Harris.

Harris believes her children benefit from a summer break, allowing time for other creative outlets.

However, A.P. Hill and Peabody have struggled historically in performance. The state board of education didn't accredit either last year. In fact, the state was set to take over the schools, until a court ruling overturned that move. The plan for a year round school, is part of a solution to getting those schools back on track.

"I'm looking forward to seeing some positive. (School officials) seem like they have a plan. I'm going to see if this plan is actually going to pan out," continued Harris.

As for other students ironing their uniforms, like Destiny and Daqan King, the excitement of school starting doesn't outweigh the bummer of summer ending early.

"Our summer break was too short," said Destiny, who will be embarking on sixth grade, for a literal entire year.

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