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Animals rescued from fire have new homes

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Six animals were saved from the fire that ripped through the shopping area of downtown Jesup, which included Flying Eagle Pet and Supplies.

The store lost some animals, and they are still trying to figure out just how many. While they were able to save all the dogs and cats, they lost some birds, fish and rabbits.

"There were a lot of decisions that had to be made in a short time on behalf of the police department and fire department in what next to do," said Jacob Weaver, a vet tech at Wolf Animal Hospital.

Weaver said by the time crews got to the pet store, it was already filled with smoke, so they got as many animals out as quickly as they could. They saved two puppies, two kittens, a guinea pig, an iguana and a snake. They have been taken to the nearest vet hospital for treatment.

"Getting the smoke, getting the ash and debris off of them," Weaver said. "Fresh air, cool water."

He said the animals are in good spirits, and it was obvious. You would never know their home burned. The Flying Eagle Pet and Supplies was the only pet store in town, housing all the specialty supplies, but now some people may find themselves driving out of town to care for their pet.

"You know, dog food, cat food, that can all be obtained through other local vendors here in town," said Weaver. "But as far as birds, it's probably going to have to be purchased either at Walmart or out of town."

Most of the animals rescued already have new homes lined up. They will be monitored at the vet's office for one more night.

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