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Speak Out Editorial - 08/07/14

Beaufort County Innovates Anti- Bullying App


See something.  Say Something.


That's the message for students returning to school from the Beaufort County School District which has launched a web-based app for their tablets that will allow students to report bullying anonymously.


A community conversation about bullying has come about after the death of a 12 year old middle school student last year in which bullying may have played a part…the full investigation will be completed in November.


We applaud the innovation that Beaufort County has shown in trying to prevent future tragedies.


But we want to take a step back from the new media ledge for a second and re-state a timeless parenting principle:


Parents…you should know what's on your kids phones and on their facebook pages.  You should be everywhere your kids are…and today that means social media.


They won't like it – guaranteed – but that's why we're called parents.


What do you think?

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