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Jasper County hopes to lower ISO rating


Jasper County is closer to lowering its ISO rating, which would bring down insurance premiums for residents, however, there is still one big issue.

The county's current ISO rating is between nine and 10, depending on where you live. In order to get that rating lower, the county needs to purchase some new equipment, which they are in the process of completing.

The county also needs more volunteers, and they said that is their biggest problem.

There are 41 paid employees with Jasper County Fire and Rescue, and 37 volunteers.

"The thing we need is more volunteers to help us with this ISO situation," said Chief Wilbur Daley. "We need more people."

And they need more people to operate the new equipment. Daley said all of the stations now have engines which hold 1,000 gallons of water.

Three of the nine fire stations have tankers, and five more have been ordered.

"The tankers are going to be a tremendous help because that's going to give us 3,000 gallons of moveable water at each station because we can move those trucks," said Daley.

ISO ratings determine insurance premiums for homeowners. These changes will help lower the premiums.

"We want to do the best we can for our citizens," said County Councilman Marty Sauls. "They pay taxes and they expect results and a return on their taxation."

Daley said he hopes to have all of the tanker trucks by the end of December, and then they will be re-evaluated again. Hopefully they can get the rating down, but remember, that also all depends on volunteers.

If you want to become a Jasper County Fire and Rescue volunteer visit here.

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