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Hometown Hero: Dr. Joe Buck


Thursday was the last first day of school for School Board President Joe Buck, whose term expires in January.

Dr. Buck toured several schools in the morning, where he described the first day of school as well oiled chaos. Every school's plan was different, but every school had a plan that worked.

A new wrinkle this year is the availability of free breakfast for all students without any income qualification.

Dr. Buck said making breakfast available for everyone is the first step in creating an effective learning atmosphere.

"You've got to fulfill the physical needs of safety and security before you can get to the self actualization of learning and all of those kinds of things," said Buck. "So it is critical that the kids feel safe, that we keep them safe, and we feed them well. And now every child gets free breakfast from us, and so there's no excuse of kids being hungry when they come to school."

Dr. Buck will be inducted into the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame this fall, one of the Savannah community's highest honors for all of his achievements in the community.

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