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U.S. air strikes in Iraq have people in Lowcountry tense


There are a lot of soldiers and Marines and their families living in the Lowcountry and the Coastal Empire, and many are watching the situation in Iraq closely.

They all have one big question on their minds: could this lead to another war?

A new group of Marines just graduated from Parris Island on Friday, and a grandfather of one of those Marines said the possibility of war was on his mind.

The man is a vet himself, so seeing his grandson graduate on Friday was a proud moment. However, the news of the U.S. airstrikes in Iraq made him feel uneasy. He said if the U.S. does go to war, and his grandson is sent to fight, he said he understands.

"That's what the U.S. military is all about, protecting this country and the American citizens and the free people around the world," said Charles Ireland. "He knew the situation when he joined the Marines."

Ireland's grandson, Patrick, is a new member of the Marines, one of the hundreds that graduated on Friday. The same day the U.S. dropped 500 pound bombs on Islamic militants, also known as ISIS.

"There are Kurdish security forces that are seeking to dislodge that siege there at Shingal Mountain, and if American military assists can be helpful in supporting Kurdish forces, then airstrikes could be carried out in pursuit of that goal," said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

Ireland may agree with the president's choice, but Brian and Anne Glynn, whose brother served in Iraq, don't.

"I'm patriotic, and I believe in freedom and protecting those that can't protect themselves, but I just think it's unnecessary," Brian Glynn said. "We've trained those people to defend themselves."

Air strikes do not mean the U.S. is going to war. In some cases, they're simply a warning.

During a briefing on Friday afternoon, Earnest said, "America will not fight another war in Iraq."

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