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Peanut farmers happy for rain


Farmers couldn't be happier for the rain that came on Sunday and over the past week, especially those who have started harvesting peanuts.

Tractors in South Georgia started to dig peanuts out of the ground, and showers on Sunday were enough to help, but not enough to hurt.

"We were extremely dry," said Lloyd Strickland. "We only started getting rain about two weeks ago. We were pumping water. All these peanuts have been irrigated, twice. Irrigation turns diesel into smoke, and it's not cheap. It takes about five gallons an hour, and it takes about ten to fifteen hours to make one pass over ten acres."

The green peanuts used for roasting or boiling get picked by hand. The dry peanuts that will go to food companies have another month or so to mature. Strickland said a steady diet of rain could make this a very good crop.

The irony is farmers will also need some sunshine. If these peanuts get too much rain and sit wet under a cloudy sky, they could spoil.

The Brooklet Peanut Festival is being held on Aug. 16 and 17, and the parade can be watched live Saturday at 10 a.m.

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