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Asked & Answered: How are SCMPD cruisers patrolling tag-free?


If you drive your car without a tag in Chatham County, you will probably get stopped by a police officer. But what about when it's the police officer driving without a tag? 

The SCMPD have new police cruisers as part of their fleet, and now the question one viewer has is, are those vehicles being used illegally and not properly registered with the state?

She wrote, "I think we need to ask our police chief why there are police riding with no tags and not getting in trouble. If the average citizen did that they would end up in jail or get a ticket."

Even at police headquarters WTOC saw one of those cruisers drive right by with no tag, so we asked interim Chief Julie Tolbert's office about the tag situation.

What they said is all of the new police cruisers have been registered with the state, and all tags have been applied for. However, they have to drive all the way to Atlanta to pick them up when the tags are ready.

The state does not send the tags to them, they have to physically pick them up.

Each vehicle is already marked and has a number on it so they aren't going to put a tag in the windows or anything like that.

They do assure WTOC the cars are registered and legal and necessary right now.

Also, the patrol cars are marked and not hard to spot.

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