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Stretching your tax dollars to fix roads


Commissioners in Effingham County are trying to make the most of your tax dollars. They all voted yes in using $1 million for some much needed roadway repair work.

It sounds like a lot, but they are stretching those dollars as efficiently as they know how; it's tricky when it comes to "Ash" roads.

If you've driven on them, you can feel the difference, almost like gravel, and they can do a number on your car.

"This commission has recognized that roads in Effingham County are a critical issue," said Vera Jones, District 2 County Commissioner.

According to a 2011 report, 153 road miles are Ash roads. Some leaders thought this material was better than maintaining and grating dirt roads plus it was free from a local company.

"At the time, they thought the ash was good deal, and in retrospect, not so much because it has a lot of problems with it," Jones said. 

Jones knows just how bad the pot holes can get from weather alone, one man posted on her Facebook page, that it cost him almost $400 to fix his car when he hit a hole.

So for $1 million SPLOST dollars, they're going to in layman's terms, pave over the existing roadways, which allows them to spread the wealth.

"We don't have enough money to totally tear everything up and start from scratch, and then we have the problem of what to do with the product we tear up, there's issues with that. Again, we are trying to do this as cost effect as possible, so we are getting a lot of roads done for $1 million," Jones said. 

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