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On Your Side Alert: Scam call claims to have medical information


A strange phone call prompts a viewer to contact 12 for help. They were concerned after getting a call claiming they were entitled to a large medical settlement. The frightening part -- the person on the other end, had the viewer's personal information and claimed they got it from the Virginia Department of Health. We discovered the call is not connected to VDH and you should not give up any information. 

The caller had her email, home address, phone number and worse, he claimed he knew some private medical information. We immediately contacted VDH about the claims. Chief Information Officer, Debbie Condrey says this is definitely a scam call.

"This one is pretty similar to others we've seen. It is sometimes called a robo dial, where they have a list of phone numbers and a machine dials the phone number," she said. 

Condrey stresses VDH is not connected with the call and would never release private information about the public.

"There are HIPAA Laws. There is protection, there is confidentiality within the health department and a variety of security systems we have in place to keep this kind of thing from happening," she explained. 

So what about the caller having some of the viewer's personal and medical information? As for things like home address and email -- VDH says crooks can easily use the internet to get their hands on that information. When it comes to medical information, VDH says criminals are just guessing and hoping you take the bait.

"Do not give out Social Security Numbers, things like that, don't validate what they are saying, simply hang-up the phone and call the Attorney General's Office to report it," Condrey said. 

VDH reminds the public it *does* randomly call the public for CDC surveys, but  says this is all population health based. The organization would never ask for your personal information.
No matter who is claiming to be on the other end, if you get an unsolicited phone call -- hang up. 


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