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Asked & Answered: School uniforms and logos


It's the first day of school and you think your child is ready for class. They go to school, and you get a call saying they've violated the school's clothing and uniform policy on the first day.

At Effingham High School 15 students out of 1,800 plus, had to change their clothes. One mom got so mad she took to Facebook to voice her unhappiness. That then sparked the question - if you have the school's logo on the shirt, shouldn't that be ok?

The student was stopped and told he would have to change his shirt, and was sent to in school suspension while he waited for his mother to bring a different shirt.

It's an Effingham County logo, but it's not school issued, and according to the schools uniform and clothing policy is not allowed.

School logos must be the size of a credit card on the front pocket. The school, as they promised in their policy, did not write the student up but allowed him to change into a different shirt.

Principal Yancy Ford told WTOC in life, as in most jobs, there's a dress code policy that you must follow or there are consequences. It's a lesson students need to learn and obey.

The school district said they also send out an alert to parents on their phones and emails to remind them to make sure their children are dressed properly, and according to the rules, for the start of school and throughout the school year.

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