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Lifestar pilot's life: Remembering Mike Sharp


If you're sufficiently sick, or hurt, and you've flown in a Lifestar helicopter, you know you usually don't even meet the men and women who keep you alive until you get to the hospital.

And unfortunately Thursday night is no different. Pilot Mike Sharp passed away from brain cancer on Monday.

"Always smiling, always trying to make people happy," Floyd Justice, retired Lifestar flight paramedic said.

"One of the safest pilots I've ever flown with." Master Flight Nurse Jeanne Foulds said.

"Brother always will be," James Harvey, retired Lifestar flight paramedic said.

The Lifestar family is mourning the loss of one of their own. Sharp was a 25 year veteran.

"He was a source of wisdom, inspiration, he was a leader, a great man," Dan Foulds, former Lifestar pilot said.

Sharp flew for the Army in Vietnam, and after the war he trained future pilots at Hunter Army Airfield. After 45 years of fighting and flying, brain cancer grounded him suddenly but didn't take away his sense of humor.

"Before he had his surgery, we all met outside the hallway of or, and when he came out of that elevator, there was probably 40 or 50 people surrounding him and he cracked a joke," Foulds said.

When Sharp wasn't flying, he was mentoring his Lifestar family or making things like the table everyone gathers around in the bay, or building a mini Lifestar helicopter that they entered in the St. Patrick's Day parade float contest and won.

"We did that project together and it was a lot of fun, and it was very special to me," Harvey said.

Pilots are kind of the unseen silent partner, while the paramedics and nurses work on the patient in the back, Sharp had a way of making sure the family of the victims were comforted in a whirlwind of chaos.

When asked how many patients mike flew the numbers started flying as well - it came close to 4,000.

"He loved to fly, and he loved to save lives," Perry said.

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