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Police: Man threatened to use weapon against students at bus stop


Campus police are investigating a man who threatened to use a weapon against students at a bus stop at Wilshire and Pasadena Street early Friday morning.

At approximately 6:50 a.m. Friday, Campus Police along with Savannah Metro Police responded to a call of a person with a gun at the bus stop.

Students said a normal morning includes many middle schoolers who like to be loud and rowdy, but Friday turned out to be anything but normal because a neighbor was determined to put a stop to it.

According to preliminary information, several students that attend Southwest Middle School were at the bus stop when they reported seeing a man at his house with a gun. 

One of the students at the bus stop this morning described what she saw and heard.

"He came out and he was really approaching the kids - you know cussing and using profanity," the student said.

Jason Zimmerman said he was fed up with all the ruckus so early in the morning, so he went outside to ask the students to be quiet.

"He came out and said, 'L have a bullet with you name written on it,'" the student said.

But Zimmerman said that never happened.

"That is ridiculous. I don't know why they would say that or where they came up with that," he said.

Zimmerman, who said he has a  concealed weapons permit, was wearing his gun on the back of his pants when he approached the students.

He said he walked to the edge of his yard and told them to be quiet. But when they cussed back at him, that's when he called the police to get the students under control.

"I turned around to go walk up to my house to get my cell phone to call the police and he ran home, I guess because he could see my gun," Zimmerman said.

He said the whole thing was blown out of proportion when the students saw his gun, but he said he never used to threaten anyone.

"I never reached back for my gun, I never touched my gun at any time," Zimmerman said.

WTOC spoke to one parent who confronted Zimmerman who said regardless, having a gun present in this type of situation sends the wrong message to children.

"Like I told him - it's just uncalled for, for you to come outside with a firearm on you for some kids," Adrian Johnson said.

WTOC was told police will be out patrolling the area for the next month to make sure the students and neighbors remain safe.

School bus stops are considered an extension of a school zone. However, investigators say the man was on his property.

This incident remains under investigation.

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