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Beaufort County superintendent speaks out after Ebola concerns


Beaufort County Superintendent Jeffery Moss spoke out after parents voiced concerns after a group of teachers took a trip to West Africa - an area affected by the deadly Ebola virus.

"To my knowledge we do not have a student or staff member that has an infectious disease," he said.

Moss said to the best of his knowledge, all students and staff are all cleared to start school on Monday. He wouldn't confirm nor deny that any teachers went to West Africa, even though he's the one who raised this concern during the school board's work session earlier this week.

"To my knowledge...we have not had any travel anywhere close to a location where Ebola has been identified," he said.

But according to Facebook page "Journey to Africa," which was set up by the teachers, Nigeria was one of the places they visited.

The World Health Organization said Nigeria is one of the places affected.

Also, School Board Chair, Bill Evans said two or three teachers were a part of a mission trip in West Africa this summer.

"We have a policy in place that requires individuals to inform us if they've been anywhere where any type of infectious disease exists," Moss said.

If they have, Moss said they're not allowed back inside any of the district's buildings until they are cleared by a doctor.

When asked if the teachers were cleared Moss said, "I'm not going to speak to any particular situation or any particular circumstance."

Moss said he would not share that information with parents because it's a violation of HIPPA and FERRPA.

"Do I understand parent's concern for the safety of their children...the answer to that is yes... that's why I'm talking with you now," he said.

It's also important to note, anyone who leaves West Africa right now is screened three times by the time they get back to America.

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