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South State Bank donates $100,000 to Bethesda Academy


South State Bank made a generous donation to Bethesda Academy to help young men become entrepreneurs.

It was a monumental day for Bethesda Academy as South State Bank donated $100,000 to start the South State Bank Center for Young Entrepreneurs.

The center will operate in conjunction with Bethesda's work study curriculum by offering studies in the principles of sound business development, financial management and integrity in the workplace. The hope is students will have a better understanding of the business community and be able to broaden their horizons when it comes to choosing college majors and applying to their first job.

"We have a lot of campus enterprises in our school that bring in over $4,000 a year, but with this partnership, we will create an academic arm to the entire program," said Bethesday Academy Principal David Tribble. "Not only will it be work study, where we grade out students on labor, but now we have an academic arm that goes with it."

"All the boys from six through 12 will be able to learn from the skills they learn from the Center for Young entrepreneurs, whether they want to be entrepreneurs or not, the life skills they learn under this program and carron on to adulthood will serve them forever," said John Helmken, II, Savannah Regional Executive of South State Bank.

Leadership with South State Bank and Bethesda Academy said this is just the beginning. They hope to expand the center in the years to come.

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