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WTOC Senior Active: Roger Smith


Roger Smith proudly points out that the Red Cross doesn't keep office hours.

"People can always come to us,'' said Smith. "The Red Cross is 24/7."

And that is about the time frame during which you can find Smith volunteering for the relief organization, which he serves in a variety of ways.

"I wear a couple of hats,'' said Smith, who has been a Red Cross volunteer for eight years. "I am the military liaison and I'm the government liaison. I could also be on a disaster team and I could be in the emergency operations center or on call actually 24/7 as to wherever they need me.''

As the military liaison, Smith helps coordinate the Red Cross' commitment to soldiers deploying and returning from deployment.

"We have teams and those teams go out and they hail and farewell the soldiers,'' said Smith. "We inform the soldier as well as inform the dependent of the solider the methods of how to get in touch with that person overseas.''

As a government liaison, he helps deliver the Red Cross message to the community.

"We set up booths at stations such as Kroger or River Street to show the general public the safety factors,'' he said, "and what the Red Cross has to offer.''

In every role, and in every situation he is called to serve, the 2013 Volunteer of the Year for the Red Cross Savannah chapter said it's not enough to be there. You have to be ready to help.

"Every single case is different,'' said Smith. "If you tried to paint everything blue or pink, you couldn't do that. Every case you have is going to respond differently. You just have to learn to be responsive to the needs as they come about.''

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