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School Board Town Hall Meeting Tentatively Set

There are new developments in the ongoing Savannah-Chatham Board of Education saga. The full board has agreed to a town hall meeting, but not everyone's happy with the date or the school board president. He's the fifth name added to the list of recall targets.

Last week, Roger Allen and Sadie Brown stood on the steps of the BOE, demanding a town hall meeting with the full board. This week, a meeting was set. But they're still not happy.

"Our board is shy on leadership," said Allen.

Allen says a December 13 town hall meeting is too close to Christmas. He calls it a blatant stall tactic by the school board aimed at trying to get the least amount of public involvement.

And now, Allen says the recall movement may include board president Hugh Golson's name. "To get to the problem, we may have to start on top and work our way down."

"Most of these problems were here before Hugh Golson became board president," said Sadie Brown, a retired teacher and former school board president candidate.

She doesn't blame Golson, but she does have a problem with the town hall meeting date. "I don't know about other people, but I am going to be there."

School board vice-president David Lerch, who listened in on Allen and Brown's news conference, says the meeting hasn't been formally announced and may be subject to change. "If it's only two people complaining, there's a lot of people to change their schedules."

He's just hoping the school district's problems are on the road to recovery. "We're trying to move forward," he said.

"If they really wanted the most people to be there, they would hold it a week earlier," said Allen.

That full board of education town hall meeting is tentatively scheduled for December 13 at 7pm, location still to be determined.

The recall process can't begin officially until a request is filed with the board of elections and petitions are issued. That has not happened yet. The groups pushing for the recall are still organizing their plan attack.

Reported by: Don Logana,

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