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Summer heat wreaks havoc on cars


August is not only one of the hottest months in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry, it's also one of the worst months for our cars.

Auto repair shops are busy replacing batteries, but there are some ways to help before your car breaks down and you're sweating it out, waiting for help.

"The high heat of our area can take a greater toll on your vehicle than the cold months," said Moira Broussard or RPM Autoworx Inc. "We've seen an increase in batteries, we've seen an increase in coolant problems."

A car's engine works extra hard in the summer, and it's the cooling system's job to protect the engine from overheating. But heat and humidity make the rubber hoses running from the coolant system prone to breaking.

"So we see a lot of overheating engines, a lot of radiators overheat," Broussard said.

While you may not feel comfortable with whatever is going on in the garage, you have every right to know what service members are doing to your car and what the diagnostic reports mean and how it may affect your drive.

"Especially being a female, but a lot of men don't know about their vehicles these days either, so ask to see if you've spent a lot of money on it," said Broussard.

You can also spend a lot of money on heat zapped batteries, especially ones that are older than three years, and now more than ever, think about what you've added to your car, like a stereo system, DVD plays and enhanced electronics.

"And then you add the heat on top of it, you've got a lot more energy draw on the battery," Broussard said.

Just an ounce of prevention, like an oil change, gives you an opportunity to talk to your car service specialists and save a pound of money.

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