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MO man wins lottery twice in matter of months

DOE RUN, MO (KFVS) - A Doe Run, Missouri man has won two Missouri lottery jackpots in a matter of months.

Also, Ronald Stotler bought both winning tickets from the same retailer: Sherry's Gas on Highway 221 in Doe Run.

He bought the first ticket in May and won $5,000. On Aug. 11, he uncovered his newest jackpot of $20,000.

When asked if he would continue playing lottery games, Stotler laughed and said he probably would, since it has paid off so well for him.

"He bought the ticket," store manager Tabitha Clark said. "Came outside and scratched it. Came back inside and went straight to the office to show me. Yeah, he was excited. I probably would have passed out."

"I've been trying to win but you know how it is, some people luck's is luckier than others," Raymond Bowen, who drives through the area, said.

As far as his spending plans for his two jackpots, Stotler joked that his children got a majority of the first prize, but that he had yet to make any plans for the new jackpot.

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