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Asked & Answered: I-16 tree work


People have been emailing WTOC and hitting up Facebook about excavators and work being done along I-16 from I-95 down to the Lyne Parkway exits.

One viewer was not impressed with what he was seeing, took a picture and said crews were slashing at the tree lines and tearing up branches, making it look choppy and "nasty."

WTOC took his concerns to the Georgia Department of Transportation and asked them about what exactly they are doing.

Spokesperson Jill Nagel said it is part of their Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management program.

GDOT maintenance crews are performing what they call, daylighting signs, which is management of roadside vegetation.

The trees are trimmed with a mulch head, which removes overgrown vegetation to enhance driver visibility and road safety.

Nagel told WTOC the trimming may look ragged but in a month the tree limbs will be green again and the method in no way harms the trees.

GDOT stresses this is one of the ways they maintain our highways and interstates and keep them in the safest condition possible for the travelers.

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