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Effingham County Schools develop dismissal plans for heat


Effingham County schools are taking measures to keep the kids safe in this excessive heat.

South Effingham High School has developed a special dismissal plan for hot days like Wednesday.

It was as hot as 95 degrees outside, and with school dismissal, the school has developed a bus loading plan to keep the kids out of the heat as much as possible.

Afternoon dismissal can be the worst time of day to be out in the heat with kids waiting on and off the buses, ready for get home.

In preparation for hot days, the Effingham County School District developed an excessive heat bus loading protocol, allowing kids to drink water on the bus to stay hydrated. Normally liquids are not allowed.

School resource officers will hold up traffic to get buses moving faster, and it there is a holdup, kids will be allowed to wait off the bus in the shade or AC.

Lastly, at the elementary schools, the district will implement an inclement weather procedure to get the kids ready and moving faster, all to ensure the kids stay protected from the heat.

While there is no district-wide policy for outdoor activities during the day, like recess, the district said they allow each individual school to make the judgment whether to keep the kids inside.

"Generally, they would have indoor activities," said Assitant Superintendent Dr. Gregory Arnsdorff. "They would call recess for inside, play, free time, and we generally leave it to the principal and the school's discretion. And the staff has always made the right calls.

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