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South Effingham High student takes to social media to fight bullying


A South Effingham High School teen took to social media to talk about being bullied, hoping to shed light on an issue so many teenagers deal with.

Hannah Barclay posted a video, not only to shed light on the effects of bullying to give others a voice.

"I am sick of the bullying and the name calling," she said in the video. "Anything like the shoving. Everything."

In a very real and honest video, Barclay took to social media to talk about bullying at school.

"I've tried being the person that's like I don't care what they think," said Barclay. "I tried to be the bigger person, but once you hear it enough, it really starts to get on your last nerve or it really starts to click in your head, maybe it's true."

Barclay posted the video after she said she was called fat at school but that's just the tip of the iceberg for the ongoing bullying she said she deals with. Now she's taking a stance.

"If you can't accept me for me, then you don't accept me at all. You don't belong in my life," she said.

South Effingham High School said they take all bullying very seriously, and they have counselors on hand for students to talk to, and the most important thing you can do is report it.

"We want to know," said Principal Dr. Mark Winters. "Even if the situation is two friends who are having a disagreement and we need to work through that. We need to know about that, because it may be more. Nothing should go on that long without us knowing about it, so we can intervene."

And in the age of viral videos, Barclay said she wants people to see her video so they understand the effects of bullying and to help give others a voice.

"Parents, if your child is going to school and getting bullied or they're struggling, there's something that you need to do," Barclay said. "People need to start speaking up because I am totally over seeing everybody sad."

The school said they are looking into the bullying reports.

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