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CA 'way fire' residents return to assess damages

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Several homes destroyed by Way Fire in Wofford Heights, CA. (Source: KBAK/CNN) Several homes destroyed by Way Fire in Wofford Heights, CA. (Source: KBAK/CNN)

WOFFORD HEIGHTS, CA (KBAK/CNN) – Hundreds of firefighters are battling a huge wildfire in California.

The so-called “Way Fire” has consumed more than 3,300 acres of land and is threatening 1,500 homes.

"So I looked out here, and I looked out on my front porch, and then I looked up at Split Mountain and it was already coming over the ridge,” resident Dell Teigen said.

Teigen lives in Wofford Heights, CA, and while her home was spared from the fire, the two homes right next to her were not – both were destroyed.

"Makes me cry. I lost friends' homes. It's very sad,” Teigen said tearfully. "I don't understand how they lost and I'm still standing. Mine is untouched"

One home, a triple-A modular, belonged to Jeff and Julie Sweet.

The fire destroyed everything, leaving nothing but rubble and ashes behind, and the house next to it is also gone, just a few signs left of what was once someone's vacation home. The owners were not there, they live in southern California.

Fire moves in an erratic fashion, destroying some homes, others left untouched.

Another modular home also fell victim to the flames, leaving another family burned out.

The fire still smoldering, a tractor was also destroyed by the fire. Luckily, horses in the area were safely evacuated.

Justin Speight, whose parent's house was spared by the fire, is thankful that it is still standing.

"I definitely want to thank the fire department and everyone that worked to put this out as quickly as possible. Our home would not be there today if it wasn't for them,” Speight said.

Residents love the area for its natural beauty, but dealing with fires is also another reality.

"You don't like to think that it comes with the territory, because you like to think that yes we have done all the things that you are supposed to do in order to protect yourself that it's not going to happen to you,” Teigen said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the fire was 15 percent contained. Officials estimate the fire has already caused more than $1 million in damage.

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