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Keeping players hydrated in the heat

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - This is the time of year when young athletes hit the field for football practices, sometimes two a day.

But this heat can be dangerous and area coaches are well aware of the risks.

Football teams are practicing to bring the pain, but this week Mother Nature decided to bring the heat.

With temperatures in the mid-90s and a heat index in triple digits, coaches are doing everything possible to make sure kids stay cool.

Heat is the name of the game for football teams hitting the field this week.

As players get ready for the first regular season game this Friday, winning isn't the only thing on their minds.

So is the weather.

"We're really concerned about the first game," said Cape Central Head Coach Nathan Norman. "The fortunate thing for us is everybody's going through it. What are we doing to take some measures to keep us from cramping, keep us from getting hurt or injured? You just try to hydrate. Extra hydration, make sure the kids are eating. We take extra water breaks here at practice but we really stress hey go home and eat and drink."

May seem like a simple strategy, but Coach Norman said when you've left it all out on the field, sometimes grabbing a bite to eat slips the mind.

So it's about fueling up both before and after practice.

"You know and that sounds funny but when you're hot and tired, sometimes they forget to eat," said Coach Norman. "So we just stress eating and drinking water. Just use common sense."

Some teams have decided to move back kick-off time this Friday, but the Cape Central Tigers won't be one of them.

They say that's ok because there are safeguards already in place.

"We're just gonna try to take extra breaks. The state actually requires officials to give us an extra break, a timeout for water," Coach Norman said.

The Coach adds, he hasn't heard any concern from parents.

One father told Heartland News he's not sweating the heat.

"No, no. No at all. Don't worry about him. Coaches take real good care of him and keep him hydrated," Harold Bays said about his son practicing in the oppressive heat.

The coaching staff is doing a good job of that by making sure players take time to drink up and rinse off during practice.

That's all part of the game plan.

"But we're just gonna stress hydration," said Coach Norman. "When you're not in here playing get your rear end off the sideline and drink plenty of water or gatorade."

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