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Sand Gnats sign one year lease as city council conducts new stadium study

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For all of the Sand Gnats out there, you'll have at least one more season to cheer them on at Grayson Stadium because the Gnats just renewed their lease.

There were questions as to whether the Sand Gnats would stay because they want a bigger and better stadium. The Gnats made a deal with the city council: if the city conducted a study for a new stadium, the Sand Gnats would stay another year.

The city council renewed the Sand Gnat's lease for $25,000. In the meantime, the city is doing research on what it would take to build a new stadium and how the public feels about that.

City officials said they've done all they can to make improvements to Grayson Stadium, but it's just not enough. There are still issues with parking, access to concession stand and the locker rooms for the players don't meet the requirements for professional baseball standards.

Now the city is trying to figure out if Savannah has the means to build a new stadium.

"The issue is not do we want a team, do we value a team," said Director of Leisure Services Joe Shearhouse. "I think we do. It's can we afford to build a new stadium and that's going to be a difficult choice for council to make. I get the sense if we decide not to build a new stadium, they'll probably move this team to Columbia, SC."

Columbia is already building a new stadium.

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