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Have You Heard: Alee Shriners scam and Area Code scam

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In a lot of scams WTOC talks about, scammers use legitimate companies and organizations, and one WTOC viewer received a phone call asking for money for the Alee Shriners.

She got suspicious when she asked about another Shriner if a company was collecting money from them and he said no.

Diane Deal of Savannah wrote to me on Facebook asking, "Have you heard of this scam?" She said telemarketers called claiming to be with Alee Shriners collecting donations and wrote, "They told me they would be in my neighborhood on Saturday and most of my neighbors were leaving a check under the mat or on the porch for them. I told him if he wanted money from me, then he would have to see me. I was not leaving a check on the porch. He said someone would be by between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturday to collect."

"No, it's not a scam," said Potentate Alee Shriner Charlie Brewer. "Right now we are working with a group to help us with our Alee Circus, which is Oct. 20, a Monday. They are helping put on the circus and finding sponsors to help children get to the circus."

Brewer said other Shriner groups use this telemarketing company who do similar work for Shriners across the country.

It's not common knowledge among all local Shriners. The circus, though, is, and it's going to be a huge event at the temple, the first in more than a decade.

Brewer said if leaving a check under the door mat is an issue, it doesn't have to be. It's just a suggestion for those who may not be mobile.

"They can call the Alee office Monday through Friday, and we will confirm that," Brewer said. "And if they would like to not use that approach, they can call or meet with them directly."

While the Shriner Circus donations over the phone are not a scam, but this one is.

Have you heard about the area code scam? Several viewers posted on Facebook about this one, and the Federal Trade Commission has a warning now. If you get a call from an 876 number claiming you've won Mega Millions Jamaica Lottery and you could win a car, you didn't win anything.

Don't pay any fees or taxes, there is no jackpot. If you get this call, or something similar, contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint at ftc.gov.

If you have heard of any other scams, email askwtoc@wtoc.com.

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