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Jellyfish warning on Tybee Island


Beach goers on Tybee Island are feeling the sting of summer. It's not just the heat getting them - the water is proving not the best place to cool off because there is a jellyfish warning.

The warning flags are out, and throughout the day many people have been reporting that they were stung by jellyfish especially with the high tide.

With temperatures in the upper 90s and 100 many people are flocking to the beach to cool off but with the summer heat comes an influx in jellyfish.

Tybee Ocean Rescue said jelly fish come out with the heat and then are pushed closer to shore with the tide.

Many folks with children decided to call it a day since they couldn't cool off in the water, without the potential of getting stung.

"I totally want to go swimming but I can't because there are a bunch of jellyfish in the water," Tate Kennedy who was visiting said. "It's real frustrating because I want to cool off in the beach and all these jellyfish are messing us up."

Each lifeguard stand is equipped with jellyfish vinegar.


Ocean rescue is also reminding folks to stay hydrated and seek shade. The combination of heat and humidity makes for dangerous conditions.

The elderly and children are most at risk and should have plenty of water and shade. Tybee rescue also reminds folks to reach for water over alcohol.

"Drink water. If you are feeling dehydrated make sure you stay out of the sun. Make sure you eat something. Substitute water over alcohol. Those are the biggest advisories and if you  are feeling somewhat dizzy or uncomfortable come up an well check you out," Josh Janufka with Tybee Ocean Rescue said.


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