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Copper ordinance passes first reading



In the state of South Carolina anyone transporting or trying to sell scrap metal must have a permit or they will be fined.

This law was passed three years ago and most businesses like MJ Metal Recycling Center have signs posted at their front door. The county said the state's law isn't working.
In May, someone stole five AC Units from Mount Carmel Missionary BAptist Center. 
That's what prompted Jasper County Councilman Thomas Jhnson to create a new ordinance limiting and establishing  penalties for those who transport or sell copper illegally. 

"Here at least there will be a magistrate's level penalty for carrying it if you weren't one of the categories that were entitled to have it," Johnson said. 

According to the ordinance, someone with a South Carolina Contrator's license, home builder's license,  an HVAC license, will be allowed to transport or sell scrap metal. 

Basically that means police and deputies can stop anyone carrying scrap metal to see if they're legal.

"We can reconsider I would urge any of your listeners to point out formally why they think this is a bad idea...or if it's a bad idea," Johnson said. 

This ordinance only passed on its first reading, there are still two more readings and a public hearing left.

If you'd like to voice your opinions the next meeting is Sept. 1.

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