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Boys and Girls Club took students to see 'The Purge'

Thursday WTOC talked about the Purge rumors that have been circulating in Chatham County about all crime being legal for a few hours - that's false of course, but we're now learning a Lowcountry Boys and Girls Club that took a group of underage students to see the R-rated movie that inspired the rumor. 

It happened a few weeks ago, but one mother is still upset about it. She said the Boys and Girls Club has a responsibility to the community, and taking kids to see the violent movie contradicts everything they stand for. 

"There are so many other positive movies that they can be taking these are our children. You know? It takes a village to raise a child and I'm speaking out and saying this is not right," Karen P. Smith said. 

In July, Smith's 12-year-old son brought home a permission slip to go watch a horror film, The Purge 2.

"It's actual people, that have just all sight of their moral ground and moral compass and just randomly killing people and its not a movie that 12-year-olds should go see," she said. 

Smith did not sign the slip, and her son did not go on the movie. She still fought to get it cancelled. 

"I even called somebody the morning of the event just to see if maybe my thoughts the day before have been reconsidered, and they hadn't. I just pleaded with them. These are not just my children, but everybody's children," she said. 

The Boys and Girls Club of Bluffton released a statement to WTOC Friday, saying the teen group requested the movie…they followed procedures and sent permission slips home letting parents know that it was an R-rated, scary movie.

Smith said, regardless if they had parental consent or not, an R-rated movie should have never been an option.

"I support the boys and girls club, I just feel like it was a very irresponsible decision for them to go through. I pleaded with them not to do it," she said.

Karen said that after this month is over, she'll most likely remove her son from the club.

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