Savannah Family Remains Homeless After Fire

Firefighters say Michael and Mysha Walton knew just what to do.
Firefighters say Michael and Mysha Walton knew just what to do.

A Savannah family made it out of their burning home, thanks to a fire safety program the children learned about in school. The Waltons are still trying to cope with the loss of their home and belongings, but they know those are things that can be replaced.

Erica Walton says she and her family are here today thanks to her two youngest children. She says her two youngest children, who happen to be twins, saved the whole family simply by doing exactly what they learned in school during Fire Prevention Week.

This scene a week ago is something the Walton family wishes had never happened as they watched everything they worked so hard for go up in smoke. "We're homeless now, basically," said Erica. "We have nothing."

The only thing the Waltons have left is each other. And that's thanks to ten-year-old twins Michael and Mysha.

Micheal knew what to do. "Make sure you get out of the house safely, get everybody out even if they're asleep."

"We all got out of the house safely," recalled Mysha. "We went to our meeting place and called the cops."

And that's the plan that saved this family's life. "At first we were going to put the fire out ourselves, but Mike and Mysha said, 'Mom you can't do that, you got to get out of here,'" Erica told us.

And nobody is happier to hear that than the Savannah firefighters who go to local schools, talking to children about fire safety. Firefighter Stephen Webb was among the men who spoke to Michael and Mysha's class a few weeks ago. "They saved their lives," he told us. "It saved their family. They did exactly what they were told. These kids should be commended."

And when we told Mysha that, she said they just did what they had to do. "I can't stand my house being on fire."

To us, these twins may be young heroes, but that's the last on their minds. They want answers. "They want to know why their stuff burned down," said Erica.

If you would like to assist the Walton Family, any amount will help. Just call the Red Cross at 651.5311.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but firefighters say at this point it seems like an accidental fire.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,