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Asked & Answered: School survey contains bad spelling, grammar


If your child came home with bad grades for spelling you would probably be upset, right? What if the child came home with a survey from the school with bad spelling and grammar mistakes?

It happened at one Savannah-Chatham Public School and parents are up in arms over it.

This started last week when a parent survey was sent home with students from Largo-Tibet Elementary School.

Viewer Stephanie Ondriezek then sent WTOC this question, "I am curious to know if any other viewers would have a problem with their child bringing home forms that have multiple misspellings? I am not saying that mistakes don't happen, but with all the technology we now have, there is no excuse for this many on one page."

WTOC sent the survey to the Board of Education, and Savannah-Chatham Public Schools Spokesman Kurt Hetager said the survey was a draft that was drawn up by a parent facilitator, who are not teachers or para-professionals, but paid staff who work under the districts Title One office.

Their job is to engage parents, and while this error-filled survey got some engaged, it was for all the wrong reasons.

"We are sorry it went out," Hetager said. "It is something...when we found out about it we corrected the document and resent it out. It was handled on the site level and we are putting out protocols to make sure it doesn't happen again."

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