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Historic Savannah Foundation starting grant program to protect historic facades


The Historic Savannah Foundation is working on a new grant program to protect historic facades along Broughton Street.

This comes after the Historic Savannah Foundation announced they were dropping a lawsuit against the city.

The foundation was suing the city because the Zoning Board of Appeals voted to allow Ben Carter to tear down the building next to McDonald's on Broughton Street.

Officials at the Historic Savannah Foundation said they decided to drop the lawsuit after it was going to cost the nonprofit a lot of money and after seeing Carter's plans for the new building.

Now, the Historic Savannah Foundation is joing the efforts to revitalize downtown by creating a new grant program to protect historic facades. This way other business owners can also make improvements.

"If someone were interested in exploring or revealing historic façade, they would approach us and we would begin with an architectural assessment of the building, and we would do some probing, maybe do some investigations," said Daniel Carey, president of the Historic Savannah Foundation.

Business owners said that the city needs the Savannah Historic Savannah Foundation to join the efforts to improve historic buildings.

The foundation is looking to help all the businesses that aren't part of Carter's project, especially those that can't afford to revitalize its building.

The foundation said they plan to offer a grant that will match funds for business owners to restore their buildings to its original structure.

Ruel Joyner, president of the Downtown Business Association, said this is an ideal program for property owners because when he renovated his building several years ago, he uncovered architechture he didn't know was there, like historic windows and brick. He said it's a very rewarding project, but very expensive.

"You know, every penny helps," said Joyner. "It's a great morale boost for businesses. It's a great thinf for city government, for the community. You know, I think it's a win-win with everyone."

Carter also had this to say, "As my work on Broughton Street already has shown, I value the historic and architectural significance of the Broughton Street facades. I'm currently working to restore and uncover original facades of several buildings along Broughton. I agree with HSF that too many of the street's beautiful facades are covered, and I support their mission to protect them."

The grant is in the early phases, and the Savannah Historic Foundation is working our all the details.

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