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Second armed home invasion in Greenville, officials urge caution


Greenville Police say they are now investigating a second armed home invasion in just the last two weeks.

Police say that around 3pm on Wednesday, three white subjects forced their way into a home on 181 North in Greenville.

The suspects held the homeowner at gunpoint and stole several items inside the home.

This case is similar to a home invasion that occurred last Thursday morning just outside of Greenville.  More information will be released as it becomes available.

Citizens are encouraged to use caution when an unknown person comes to their door.

If anyone has any information regarding these cases, call Central Dispatch at 270-338-2000.



Muhlenberg County authorities say three white men knocked on the door of a home on Reynolds Cemetery lane early Thursday morning.

Authorities say two of them were wearing a mask, one was not.

The three suspects asked the victim if they could use his phone because they had an emergency.

The suspects then revealed a shotgun and forced their way into the home.

The suspects restrained the homeowner while they stole multiple items from inside.

Neighbors who live just down the street say they can't believe this happened...

"We've never seen anything like this happen since we've lived here. We've heard of 4-wheelers stolen up the road but never close. It was just shocking. To know that there was armed people around this area," says neighbor Romona Fuller.

Authorities say the victim wasn't injured. If anyone has information, they are asked to call the Muhlenberg County Sheriff's office at 270-338-3345.

They are also warning those who live in the Greenville area to be cautious of suspicious individuals near their homes.

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