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Beaufort police searching for suspect in sexual assault


The Beaufort Police Department is looking for a man accused of tying a woman to her bedpost and sexually assaulting her in her own home.

The woman told police she was sleeping when an unknown, intoxicated man got into her bed and started touching her sexually.

He then tied her up to the bed, started touching her again and then he left.

She was able to get free and call for help.

The victim told police that her back door was unlocked and they believe that's how the suspect got into her house.

The incident happened in the Pigeon Point neighborhood Wednesday morning. Members of the neighborhood watch told WTOC, the neighborhood is very safe, and leaving doors unlocked in here is common.

"We look out for each other in the neighborhood, and if I were to run next door, we don't lock our doors. We feel pretty comfortable. It's very scary and totally unexpected," neighborhood watch member Lisa Glod said.

Lisa Glod and her husband Jim live just feet away from the home where their neighbor was sexually assaulted and are still shocked.

"I honestly don't know why someone would do something like that," she said.

With the suspect still at large, many neighbors are on pins and needles.

"That could happen to my mom, she's a senior citizen that can happen to anybody," neighbor Jonny Evans said.

They're saying once the man who terrorized their community is behind bars, they'll get their peace of mind back.

"The quicker the better. I hope he gets punished for everything he's done, because if he did it once, he'll do it again," Evans said.

"I'm just hoping they catch whoever did it so we can feel safe again," Glod said.

If you have any information on the sexual assault, call the Beaufort Police Department.

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