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Asked & Answered: Is the city wasting water when delaying pipe repairs?


The city of Savannah has more than 1,000 miles of water pipes in their whole underground system, but one viewer said the city wasn't responding quickly enough when he filed a work order with the city's 311 system for a water pipe leak.

WTOC viewer Mark Moss said the leak was going on two weeks without repair. He asked, "if the city wants to put restrictions on people watering their laws and yet gallons and gallons of water are being wasted due to this leak which is being neglected, when is the city accountable for wasting water? If we so much as put trash out without contacting them for a bulk pickup, we are fined."

City spokesman Bret Bell told WTOC the city responded with a dig ticket two days later, and began work a week later. As for the city wasting water, the city's position is that they respond to more than 600 leaks a year.

"We have a prioritization system which dictates the order our work crews repairs these breaks. While we hate to see any water go to waste, this was a small leak to a small service lateral, so it fell a bit lower on our list of open water leak work orders. Barring any massive unforeseen issues this week, we expect to repair this leak within the next two days," Bell said.

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