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Police: Suspect in officer-involved shooting threatened bystanders

Guadalupe Esquivel, Jr., 51 (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center) Guadalupe Esquivel, Jr., 51 (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center)

The Lubbock Police Department has released new information regarding Monday evening's officer-involved shooting.

KCBD previously reported that Guadalupe Esquivel, Jr. was confronted by a police officer who fired 11 rounds at Esquivel after the suspect pulled a gun from his waist.

Police were called by Esquivel's former common law wife who reported that he had assaulted her, pointed a gun at her and was then walking to her children's home after threatening to kill them.

Now KCBD has learned that Esquivel was hit with five rounds by the officer who shot him. KCBD spoke with Assistant Chief Greg Stevens who explained that as police arrived, Esquivel moved towards two people who were bystanders in the confrontation, apparently hoping to use them as "human shields."

The officer fired striking Esquivel five times. Stevens said the remaining rounds appeared to have struck a vehicle, a wall behind the suspect, and the ground.

According to an eyewitness who spoke with KCBD, Esquivel was shot after he drew a handgun. Radio traffic immediately after the shooting reveals the officer reporting "shots fired" then telling the suspect "show me your hands."

Stevens said the suspect was on the ground at the time but was still moving and right next to the gun. According to Stevens, the officer was uncertain if the suspect was moving toward the gun. No more shots were fired and the suspect died at the scene.

The officer was approximately ten to fifteen yards away from the suspect and, according to police reports, none of the bystanders were harmed.

Stevens praised the officer for following his training and preserving his life and the lives of others around him.

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