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Shootings hurting Savannah real estate market

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The uptick in shootings in the Savannah area is causing some people to relocate out of Savannah's inner city.

Real estate agents are finding more people relocating away from or avoiding areas near the various shooting sites that have added up since July 7.

The most recent shooting happened in Wells Park, at the intersection of 39th and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Police say an argument between a man and a woman in Wells Park escalated, causing another man to get shot. There is no word if he was involved in the dispute, but this is just one of the many shootings that has many potential residents on edge.

Brooke Randolph, the CEO of the Randolph Realty team with Keller Williams said Tuesday she was on the way to a property in Ardsley Park when she passed the scene of this shooting.

As a realtor, she is seeing more people listing their homes, trying to move out of parts of Savannah because of the recent shootings. It also makes it difficult to sell property when shots continue to ring out.

"I think people are concerned about the safety of their family, and especially for people coming to Savannah as a second city, a destination home or relocation for work," said Randolph. "They are concerned about being in the areas where these crimes are happening, so they are leaning towards the outskirts or leaning towards other cities because of these."

Randolph said it is really buyer preference. Potential residents should be weighing the risk versus the reward of moving downtown.

It's no surprise that criminal behavior not only impacts the victim, but causes an indirect cost to the society at large.

Experts say there are wider economic effects that can ripple outward after a crime. Residents can avoid dangerous neighborhoods, go outside less or move elsewhere, but research has shown that criminal activity poses a threat to the residential stability of neighborhoods and even home values.

Thomasina Odem just moved back from Atlanta to Ardsley Park. Hearing of the most recent shooting in Wells Park does create a cause for concern, but she felt safe knowing her neighbors are looking out for one another.

"Definitely have a lot of worries with the crime," said Odem. "The growth of SCAD, but I am excited to be back in Ardsley Park. I think this is a good area. There are a lot of home sales but I think this is a good opportunity to get investment property or think about long term."

Odem said being from Atlanta, she understands when you have a lot of growth at one time, crime will follow. She says it will take time for the community to know how to respond to it, but the best thing to do it just be self aware.

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