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Mobile Emergency Driver's Licensing rolls into Savannah


A brand new tool to help you in an emergency rolled into Savannah on Tuesday. 

It's called the Mobile Emergency Driver's Licensing, and when a disaster of any type strikes, it can help you get your license.

The Department of Driver's Services fittingly chose the 165th Airlift Wing to test the new mobile equipment. These men and women are the first line of defense if anything should happen in the state of Georgia.

Rob Mikell, Commissioner for GA Dept. of Driver Services and his DDS crew transformed the Airlift Wing into a driver's service branch on Tuesday, equipped all the cameras, color printers, and appropriate color backdrop like any brick and mortar branch.

"We could have enough power back here to run 48 work stations, when we normally have about 20 in a given office," Mikell said.  

When the roof collapsed at a Newnan tag office in Coweta County over a year ago, drivers had to go even more out of their way to a different tag office, and the idea of a mobile DDS was born.

"Or let's just say if there was a hurricane or something, some kind of situation that happened, we can come down and help folks who had to evacuate or who lost their identity documents." said Mikell.

And because these Guard Dawgs' lives can turn on a dime, they didn't mind one bit not going down to the Eisenhower tag office.

"It was going to expire within the year, so I took the opportunity to get another eight years taken care of," Maj. Tim Riley of the165th Airlift Wing said with a smile.

Col. Speedy Gomez, Vice Wing Commander of the 165th Airlift Wing just wanted to say thanks for thinking of them as a the test site.

"It really goes a long way, and just want to say thanks to them and their support," Gomez said.

And with all that personal information being compiled into basically computers in trailers, the State promises utmost security.

"We're using an encrypted tunnel back to the state's mainframe to be able to get the data that they have to use to conduct business here," said Calvin Rhodes of the Georgia Technology Authority.

About 48 men and women received new licenses in about a 2 1/2 hour time frame, which is not too bad considering there were only two customer windows.

The DDS says everything went well on Tuesday, and in the event of an emergency in the next week, they would roll the MEDL.

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