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Message to election officials regarding the New Georgia Project

In recent weeks, the Office of the Secretary of State has received numerous complaints about voter registration applications submitted by The New Georgia Project.

While this Office has always maintained that voter registration should be open and accessible, we have also always maintained that the legal safeguards required by the law and the State Election Board rules must be observed.

We have now received complaints from six counties, and preliminary investigation has revealed significant illegal activities including:

*   Forged voter registration applications
*   Forged signatures on releases allowing for photocopying of voter registration applications
*   Voter registration applications with inaccurate/false information
*   Voter registration applications that were completed/forged after telephone conversations between voters and members of The New Georgia Project
*   Voters being told that they were legally required to re-register
*   Voters being told that they needed to apply for a new Voter ID card because they would not be allowed to use their drivers licenses for ID when voting

As you are already quite aware, few things are more fundamental than a person's right to vote, and any attempt by any group or individuals to tamper with the system will be met with appropriate action by the State Election Board and the criminal justice system. Any false information entered into the voter registration system potentially puts voters' rights at risk and will simply not be tolerated.

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