Coast Guardsman's Body Recovered

Last Saturday, it is believed that Coast Seaman Traci Miller fell into the Savannah River and her boyfriend, Coast Guardsman Dallas Scott jumped in to save her.  A Savannah police officer, Corporal Ashley Brown, pulled Miller to safety but Scott vanished.  After almost a week of searching, their search has finally ended.

What was supposed to be a training exercise for fire rescue operations, quickly became a recovery mission. Several crew members who were out on the boat noticed something floating in the water, on further investigation they did determine that it was a body and made attempts to recover the body at that time.

Firefighters spotted the body floating just 5 feet from the very dock where divers had been searching by just days before. The body matched the description of the Coast Guard Seaman that went in the water last weekend.
It was later confirmed that it was, in fact, Petty Officer  Scott.

Police officials say it's to early to tell if if his death was an accident or foul play. If an autopsy is done and it's determined that foul play is involved, the police department will play a more stringent role.

Reported by Nicole Tiegen