Speak Out Editorial- 09/11/14

Speak Out Editorial- 09/11/14

Our recent editorial on crime in Savannah spurred several comments from viewers who were equally concerned with the alarming trends that we've reported.

Landa Walker says that the problem exists because there are two Savannahs:  one downtown where tourists see an abundance of police officers, and another Savannah where the only time you see the police is when there's been a shooting.

Another viewer who gave her name but asked to remain anonymous added that citizens are afraid to come forward for fear of the criminals.

Robert Baugniet asked  "When are we going to start providing statistics on alcohol related shootings, gang related shootings, and so forth so we can find the root cause of these problems?"

And Maisha Hagan questioned "Where are the community resources for children? Poverty rates are proven to have a correlation to crime."

We appreciate all the comments and concerns we heard from you because as we all know crime is everybody's problem.

What do you think?