Speak Out Editorial- 09/18/14

The Beaufort County school system is bursting at the seams.  The Island Packet reports that an unanticipated 600 students are sharing bus seats and classroom resources, a bad idea on every level.

We wondered how that many new students could be a surprise to the school district, but Dr. Randy Shearouse of the Effingham County School System says there's always a big rush of registration just as the school year starts.

Shearouse says Effingham has no overcrowding issues thanks to the recession dampening the explosive growth they experienced in the early 2000's.

ESPLOST has made it possible for the Savannah Chatham School System to actually be in recruiting mode.  Where they have isolated overcrowding – in Pooler for instance – they've used modular classrooms they call learning cottages and redistricting to pair up students and space.

So the Beaufort problem is somewhat unique to the area this year, but with the heightened emphasis the Lowcountry has placed on education in these last few years and the explosive growth in the area, it's time for the community leadership to develop a long range plan to accommodate the influx of new people into the Lowcountry.

What do you think?