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Speak Out Editorial- 09/25/14

Thursday's incident on Savannah's West side was volatile and dangerous, lots of confusion, emotion and rumor.

Into that situation rushed Mayor Jackson and Police Chief  Tolbert who used the authority of their offices to assure the crowds that a thorough, impartial investigation would follow, their questions would be answered, and justice would be served. 

Mayor Jackson and Chief Tolbert's actions assured that Savannah, GA would not become Ferguson MO, a possibility that was on many minds Thursday afternoon. 

While we're on the subject of incidents such as Thursday's, the WTOC Editorial Board believes it's time that every police officer should be equipped with a body camera to record incidents like this one. 

At $300 dollars apiece, the cost is minimal compared with the light it can shed on a situation and the questions it can anticipate and resolve.

In Pooler the cameras have been in use for four years already, and Police Chief Mark Revenew says that they have far exceeded his expectations. 

We think all law enforcement should have them - not tomorrow, today.

What do you think?

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