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Speak Out Editorial- 10/02/14

We got great news out of last week's State of the Ports luncheon. Curtis Foltz reported 13 percent growth in container traffic at the Georgia Ports Authority which translates to 1900 new jobs for Georgians and Carolinians in our area.

And Foltz says they're just getting started: only two ports on the east coast, New York and New Jersey, are bigger but Foltz has set his sights on overtaking them to become the largest port on the east coast.

More good news seems likely in the very immediate future as the dredging that will make the port accessible to the new, larger ships coming through the Panama Canal is set to begin within weeks. With that in place the ports look to double their impact in just the next 10 years.

There are a host of problems that are solved when we have economic development of this sort in our area, through jobs we address poverty. Where poverty is reduced crime is reduced, education is enhanced and many of the strains on society are relaxed. Georgia ports is indeed providing the rising tide that lifts all boats.

What do you think?

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