Trial for Home Invasion & Shooting a Police Officer Begins

STAR Corporal Martin White is expected to take the stand to to testify against one of the men charged with shooting him two years ago. Testimony was heard yesterday from one of the victims Ahmad Johnson is accused of robbing and beating in a home invasion one week prior to the shooting.

Mildred Wilke said she is still emotionally and physically scarred from the attack. Prosecutors say Johnson and another man tied up and beat both Wilke and her neighbor.

Johnson's attorney argued there were three other men who could have committed the crime and that Wilke could not positively identify Johnson as her attacker. "I never saw his face, the body is similar but I never saw his face," Wilke testified.

Prosecutors argue once police got close to solving the home invasion case, the suspects decided to shoot a policeman to distract the detectives.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,