Speak Out Editorial- 10/9/12

Speak Out Editorial - 10/9/14

We're all concerned about the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa and around the world. Concerned is the appropriate response, but there's no reason to panic.

The United States has the resources in its medical institutions to identify and contain the virus. The Center for Disease Control has long watched and prepared for a situation like this.

Now here are the facts about the disease and how it spreads: you can't get Ebola from air, water or food. It spreads to people by contact with the skin or bodily fluids of a person with Ebola or by touching contaminated needles or surfaces. Symptoms are a lot like the flu and typically show up 8 to 10 days after exposure. Health care workers can prevent infection by wearing masks, gloves and goggles whenever they come into contact with people who may have Ebola.

Our concern with Ebola should play a part in our travel plans, and we should be alert to our surroundings while our medical institutions do what they must to bring this outbreak under control. What do you think?

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