Steroid Investigation at Savannah State

Savannah State University is dealing with some serious allegations. The NCAA has launched an investigation regarding steroid use within the school's football team. Just a short time ago, the president of SSU, Dr. Carlton Brown, issued a statement about the investigation.

"We want you to understand that any SSU personnel found guilty of any wrongdoing will be held fully accountable by me," he said.

News of this investigation has a lot of people on and off campus talking. The NCAA staff has visited Savannah State twice in the last few weeks amid rumors that a student coach was possibly selling a few of the Savannah State Tigers steroids to improve their game.

It's been a long, hard season for the football team, the Tigers winning only two games, and students we spoke with have mixed reactions to this investigation.

"The football team isn't really the team the school stands behind," said student Devon Baker.

"How would Savannah State be using steroids if we only won like two games and lost like ten?" asked Christie Fogel.

Sources say a student coach was allegedly selling players on the team steroids, but one of those players tape recorded the whole conversation that was eventually given to the NCAA.

Today, SSU students discussed their football team using drugs, many of them not believing the hype. Student Gretanya Carswell told us, "I know a lot of the guys on the team. They're outstanding guys. I don't think they'd jeopardize their careers by using drugs."

While other students say steroid use on athletic teams is an unfortunate but common occurrence. "It doesn't blow my mind, it's always a possibility as far as I'm concerned," said freshman Christopher King. "Unfortunately we have it on campus."

Savannah State issued a statement confirming the NCAA visited the campus as part of an ongoing investigation into serious allegations made against the athletic program.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,