School Board Critics File Petition to Recall President

Two very different groups--the more liberal Unity Political Action Committee headed by Rev. Dr. Leonard Small and the more conservative State of Chatham Political Action Committee headed by Jackie Sommers--filed a petition to recall Savannah-Chatham Board of Education president Hugh Golson at the Chatham County Board of Elections office on Eisenhower Drive today.

Both men say, following the SACS investigation and resignation of school superindendent John O'Sullivan, they feel it is time for a change.

"Ultimately we expect and our hope is, because we're very serious and in the best interest in our children, we hope that these school board members will resign," said Small.

We spoke with Golson by phone. He said that this is no time for him to step aside, and that he is working with the school board and SACS to put together a compliance plan to satisfy SACS. He says this is their number one piece of business right now and to change leadership would "throw us into chaos."

Coming up tonight on THE News at 11, we will have much more on the recall process.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,