Wilmington Island Man Severely Burned in Fire

A Wilmington Island man, trying to stay warm, had to be airlifted to the Augusta Burn Center on Sunday.

Joseph Santiago, who's 25, suffered from smoke inhalation and burns to his hands and feet after his space heater set his home on fire on Sugar Tree Court. Santiago's roommates say they woke up when they heard his screams at 6:30 Sunday morning. They say Santiago was trapped in his room with the space heater with the door locked. Tim Sadley and Santiago's other roommate said it wasn't until they kicked the door open to get him out that they noticed the smoke and fire.

"It's pretty scary," explained Sadley. "I mean, the smoke, when we opened the door, the flames busted out and singed my roommate's hair and my other roommate got burned pretty bad and the smoke just filled the house pretty fast."

Southside Firefighters are investigating.