SC Man Arrested in Garden City Shootings

Both girls were rushed to Memorial Health University.
Both girls were rushed to Memorial Health University.

Garden City Police have arrested an 18 year old South Carolina man who they believe shot two sixteen year old girls. Officers think Glenn Michael Shearouse was despondent over breaking up with his girlfriend and shot her and another girl in Garden City.

It happened just before 6 p.m. in front of a home on 13th Street. Police say one of the girls was shot twice in the hip. The other was shot at least once in the leg. Officers say after the shootings, two other young men started fighting with the gunman. One of them, believed to be a boyfriend of one of the victims, rushed him. Neighbors broke up the fight. One actually stood with her foot on the gun to keep someone from picking it up.

Deldon Smith heard the commotion from his home. "I heard three shots fired and being as it's near Christmas, I figured it was some of the youngsters out shooting some firecrackers," he said. "I walked back in the yard and by that time, the police and ambulances were arriving."

Police say Shearouse admitted going to the house with a gun. The other two men were taken to the hospital for treatment; however, neither of them had been shot. Police expect the young women to recover. Garden City detectives are still investigating.